FAQ page

 How to add cameras 

The Uniarch NVR is on Plug and Play mode. You only have to connect the camera to the NVR.

To see all the camera, Go to Menu > Camera > Camera. The connected cameras have a blue play button on the camera list. You can click on the blue play to preview the camera.

 (Note: The system automatically searches for IP cameras and list all the camera that it discovers. The Uniarch NVR automatically detects the Uniarch cameras and register them )

What do you need to access the NVR and Camera from the Web Interface 

You need the following to access the camera from the web interface

  1. A network connection between a PC and a camera.
  2. Internet Explorer 10 or higher

    What to do if no message prompt me to install ActiveX when I log in on a Windows PC

    If there is no message to install the ActiveX when I log in on a Windows PC then follow these steps to turn off UAC and then log in again

    • Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
    • In the search box, type uac, and then click Change User Account Control Settings.
    • Move the slider to the Never Notify position, and then click OK.
    • After UAC is turned off, log in again.

      How to login to the NVR from the web interface

      1. Open a Web browser on your PC and browse to the login page by entering the IP address of the NVR . The IP address of the NVR is found  under Menu>System>Network>TCP/IP, here IPv4 is the IP address of your NVR. e.g is the IP address of your NVR. Type on your web browser.
      2. You may need to install a plug-in as prompted at your first login. Close the Web browser when the installation starts.
      3. In the login dialog box, enter the username (default if not changed ) and password (default if not changed ) of your NVR and then click login.

      What is the default username and password of the Uniarch NVR

      The default username is admin and a password is 123456

      How to log in to the camera from the web interface

      1. Browse to the login page by entering the IP address (default IP of your camera in the address bar.
      2. If you log in for the first time, follow system prompts and install the ActiveX. You need to close your browser to complete the installation.


      • To manually load the ActiveX, type http://IP address/ActiveX/Setup.exe in the address bar and press Enter.
      • The default password is used for your first login. To ensure account security, please change the password after your first login. It is recommended to set a strong password (no less than eight characters).
      • The camera protects itself from illegal access by limiting the number of failed login attempts. If login fails six times consecutively, the camera locks automatically for ten minutes.The privacy policy is displayed on the screen when the user logs in for the first time. Click the ‘OK’ button to proceed to the next step.

      Enter the username and password, and then click login. For the first login, use the default username “admin” and password “123456”.

       How to Playback 

       Use this method to play recordings by camera and date.

      •  Right-click the mouse and then choose Playback
      • Select the desired camera. 
      • Select the desired date on the calendar and then click to start Playback. (The Playback directly starts if you double click on the date )

      (Note: The calendar uses different colours to indicate different recording types. No colour means no recording. Blue means a normal recording. Red means event-triggered recording)

       How to Backup 

      Backup, also known as recording backup, is the process of searching for video stored on a hard drive and saving it to a USB storage device. The default backup format is .mp4.

      1. Right-click the mouse and Click Menu>Backup > Recording. All cameras are selected by default.
      2. Set search conditions and then click Search. Search results are displayed.
      3. Select the desired recording(s) and then click Backup.
      4. Select a partition.
      5. Set the destination to the USB device and then click Backup.

       How to configure remote viewing ( mobile app )

      Download the mobile app Uniarch from the app store. Uniarch is a free app. 

      Create an account from the app.

      1. Go to System Network Uniarch.
      2. Check if Uniarch (P2P) is enabled.(Usually Uniarch is enabled by default)
      3. Log in to your cloud account from the app
      4. Scan the QR code which is under System Network Uniarch
      5. Add the NVR to the cloud server

      How to configure remote viewing (Cloud Website)

      The NVR allows access from the cloud server (en-uniarch.uniview.com).

      To gain access for your NVR from the cloud website, you need to add NVR onto the cloud server. This is achieved by creating a cloud account on the cloud server and then adding a device using a register code. The register code is found under the System>Network>Uniarch

      How to reset the admin password if I forgot the password

      Click Forgot Password in the login dialog box as admin. A dialog box appears with a QR code on it

      Use your Uniarch app to scan the QR code (Me > Tool > Forgot Device

      It will generate a temporary password which is valid for 24 hours

      Log in to the system with a temporary password and change the password after logging in