How to setup Uniarch NVR

By default, the Uniarch NVR is on Plug and Play mode. You only have to connect IP cameras on the Uniarch NVR. Make sure the power, HDMI video output and mouse are also connected. You are prompted to the initial setup wizard when you power on the NVR for the first time. 

  1. The Initial setup wizard begins. You can enable or disable the wizard at startup. Click Next


  2. Set Password. Type 123456 (default password) as admin password and change the password. Click Next

(The default password is intended only for your first login. We strongly recommend you to set a strong password to ensure account security. A strong password contains at least eight characters from at least three of the four types: upper-case letter, lower-case letter, special character and digit). 

  3.Set Time and Date. Select the Time Zone, Date format, Time format and Time and Date. Click Next

  4.TCP/IP. The DHCP is enabled by default. Press OK 


 The setup wizard is complete.