The Ultimate Guide to cctv camera system australia

Security cameras are one of the essential components of the well-protected home. They capture and record video and can detect suspicious activity using motion detectors. They can be remotely accessed, monitored by using mobile phone and laptops.
There are hundreds of options on the market, how do we choose a security camera that suits the security need of you and your family? Well, you start right here. This Ultimate Guide to Home Surveillance Cameras will equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to make a wise decision. Also, our home security experts lay it all on the table from features and technology to pricing, installation, and more on buying guide. So, let's get started





The Ultimate Guide to Home Surveillance cameras

Between 2018-2019, an estimated 2.4% of Australian households experienced a break-in, totaling 231,000. 20.3% of Australian homes are robbed at some pointIt takes 75% of burglars less than 5 minutes to enter a property.

The point for this is not to scare you; however, it is to make you aware of the potential threat from the home invasion to your home and what you can do to ensure that you don't become another victim or another statistic.

A home without surveillance cameras is 300 % more likely to be broken. A study published found that most burglars try to determine if the house has a surveillance camera or not before attempting a burglary. The presence of the camera will motivate a burglar to choose a different home.

Video Surveillance has become more than just hooking up cameras. There are certain things to consider before deciding to buy a surveillance camera.

Lens Size

Firstly, consider what you want to monitor with your surveillance camera. Do you want to capture people approaching front and back of the house, or do you want a more panoramic view? If you have decided this, then it becomes clearer to choose the lens type and lens size. Lens sizes are measured in millimetres. The larger the size, the more zoom capability the camera will have, which allows for a more refined image, but also a tighter shot. The size of the camera lens is the main factor that determines the Field of View. Camera with a larger size lens, produce the narrower Field of View (FOV), and shorter viewing distance whereas camera with a smaller size lens provides full Field of View (FOV) and longer viewing distance. Let's say if you wanted to see people entering from the front door then larger lens size cameras suit your need, but if you wanted to see the panoramic view of your whole front yard, then the camera with shorter lens size suits your need.





Video Quality 
Higher resolution images and videos make it easier to detect the suspicious activity and obtain the finer details such as number plates of the car and faces of the people.An image is made up of a grid of pixel. Larger the pixel more precise is the camera image. For example, 1080p full HD has 1080 pixel in height and 1920 pixel in width. Multiplying them gives 2073600 pixel, which is 2 MP or two million pixels. There are HD,2 MP, 4MP,5MP and 8MP cameras available in the market. The higher the pixel, the clearer is the camera image.

This feature makes the difference when it comes to catching the details. The highest resolution cameras can pick up small details like tattoos, moles, and distinct facial features. Cameras that offer lower resolution can get the job done, but don't count on crystal clear video and details. 


Remote Viewing or App support

The modern surveillance system comes with mobile and desktop apps that you can use on your phone and computer. This feature helps you to live to view the surveillance cameras on your mobile phone or PC no matter where you are. After all, people lead busy lives, come in and out of work, go on vacations. Therefore, investing in a remote video surveillance system is crucial to the well-being and safety of your home or business. 



Night vision

With most intrusion occurring at night, you want a camera to monitor 24/7 day and night. The camera with IR on it is capable of operating at night. This feature makes a difference while capturing the movement and activity around your property at night. The IR distance determines the distance of visibility during the night. The higher the IR distance, the longer the camera visibility at night

Network video recorder (NVR).

The network video recorder is a system that includes a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive. NVR records what the cameras see onto the hard drive. The NVR comes with the number of channels. Channel represents the number of cameras that can be connected to the camera system. For example, in 4 channel NVR, four IP cameras can be connected likewise in 8 channel eight IP cameras can be connected. The size of the hard drive in the NVR determines the recording days. The PoE of the NVR determines whether the right quality, high-resolution cameras can be connected to the CCTV system or not. Therefore, while buying CCTV package, you should buy an NVR with the higher POE budget.

Vandal and Waterproof

For the outdoors cameras, you want them to be vandal and weatherproof. The IK and IR rating of the camera helps us to determine the degree of vandal and weatherproof. IP is ingress protection. The IP system is an internationally recognised method to indicate the degree of protection against the ingress of dust, solid objects and moisture into an enclosure. The letters "IP" are followed by two numerals with the first indicating the level of protection from solid objects/moving parts as well as protection of enclosed equipment from foreign materials. The second defined the protection level that the enclosure has from moisture, sprays, immersion to prolonged submersion. The first number goes from 0 to 6 and the second number goes from 0 to 8. Higher the first number more elevated is the protection from smaller solid particle like dust, and higher is the second number more is the protection from moisture and water. For example, IP67 here six denotes total protection against dust and seven denotes protection against the effects of immersion between 15 cm and 1 m. Likewise, IK is the impact protection, and it also has two numerals; it starts from 00 to 09 and 10. Here 00 is no protection from impact, whereas 10 is the highest protection from impact. IK10 is the highest protection from the effects up to 20 Joule. 20 Joule impact is equivalent to the impact of 10 kg potato bag hitting the ground fallen from 40 cm height.


Professional installers

There is a benefit of hiring a professional installer. They are trained professional who knows the perfect position of the camera without any obstruction on the camera field of view. They also help you to ensure all the technical things and can help to give you the best from the product..


The high-quality security cameras with all these features cost you $1000 to $4000 depending upon the number of cameras excluding installation and cable.

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